Working Through the World Wide Web

When you have a team that is spread all over the planet, only connected through internet, the collaboration aspect can be limiting. But not with this hungry trio of artistic developers and designers.

With the distance factor all around them, it only means that their collective operations must be approached in alternative ways. Even with the assistance of a recent newcomer, the team has continued on and still produce amazing work.


Now, I cannot slide ALL of the images that I have seen, but I think an idea of what you can expect from the team’s hard work is evident above.


Stay tuned.


Studio Interview: “The Musician”

Now what video game do you know of that comes well into process, but does not have music to roll with? (Seriously, if there is one, let me know) The team’s music-maker has a hustle that is strictly eat, sleep, music. She breathes this concept, it is her way of life. Running and operating her own resources and business, she has began working along this project with true passion for setting and scene musical backdrops.

Through drowsiness, hunger, and minimal contact with the outside world, We managed to interview this music-maker on her passionate efforts for music and her way of life.

We introduce, Yoana.


Studio Interview: “The Designer”

Over the past few weeks, the designer of the gn project, ‘Rei’, has seriously worked through some tiresome obstacles. From catching the flu twice, running off of a low amount of sleep, AND working his steady job for support, this designer has really made the effort to put in a lot of valuable energy and artistry for their project.


Through it all, he has continued on, and he even had time to answer our quick questions that makes him who he is.


We introduce to you, “Rei”.


Studio Interview: “The Founder”

The team at gn are continuously working hard, collaborating, and putting together some serious portfolio’s for their project and up and coming app – Which you can find in an app select center very soon.

We had a quick chance to interview the founder of the company that is behind this project and label.

Everyone, enjoy the interview!


A Team Hard at Work

If you are just joining this TEAM’S effort to put together a game, “welcome, friend.”

The efforts that are going into this project are amazing. You already have a disadvantage, being that your entire team is working from different countries, time zones, and internet capabilities that means everyone must consider each other’s sleep / work schedules.

But through all of this, a product is in the works, the team is continuing on, pushing through sleep, hunger, and various other media interests.

A quick report from the geeksandninjas crew.

Meeting Minutes: Feb-28-15

Taking notes from such a diverse collective of creative individuals is inspiring. The passion, artistry, and skill just cannot compare to the amount effort that goes into their crafts.


We began today’s meeting from a shaky internet connection, making things a bit slow to start. “Rei” was extremely tired, but pushed through the meeting the best that he could – and it was superb.

“D-money” controlled the scene as usual, keeping the topics of conversation and interests flowing smoothly for another productive session.

Myself, had a brief wrap-up on the legalities of proposals and what is best for contract interests of an entity that is “legally”‘ not an actual company – yet.

And never least for saving the best for last, “lady fingas”ROCKED the meeting with a couple of projects that she has been working – literally – on, without sleep to complete.

A successful day of collaboration and sharing the weeks summary.


A Polite Intro

Hello, friends. This is geeks & ninjas. A game development company whose home is Earth. Our stomping grounds span from ever corner of this big beautiful planet.

See, the thing is, the company is international – proving that the times may be challenging, BUT, if the concept is universal, the actions and adventure will take care of themselves.

(So we hope)


This is Geeks n Ninjas.


An international development company.


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